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The mission of Northwood GREENlife is to lead and inspire sustainable living practices in the Northwood area, West Palm Beach, Florida

Northwood GREENlife Inc.

We are a 501 c (3) nonprofit serving the North End of West Palm Beach, Florida -- an area bounded by 59th Street on the North, Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard on the South, the lakes along Australian Boulevard on the West, and Lake Worth (Intracoastal Waterway) on the East.

Our vision is to act as a source of information for a sustainable living and a resource for the dissemination of knowledge for individuals and organizations who seek or can benefit from our leadership and inspiration. Northwood GREENlife invites like-minded organizations and individuals to join in our efforts in making West Palm Beach's Northwood District a thriving, vibrant and sustainable community.

Northwood GREENlife has established strong partnerships with many community agencies, businesses and organizations which share our vision of sustainable living and environmental conservation. Education programs include collaboration with the Florence De George Boys & Girls Club located in our North End. Future Northwood GREENlife programs and projects will be developed to inspire and support sustainable living practices.

A current focus of Northwood GREENlife is the establishment and operation of the Village Greens Community Garden which provides a voice and demonstration site for chemical free gardening. It is located at 441 25th Street in Northwood Village and is one of the two West Palm Beach City-designated community gardens which demonstrate sustainable living principles in action.


Northwood GREENlife
Board of Directors - 2016

  • Melissa Parnell, Vice President
  • Mike Tarlitz, Treasurer
  • Bill Manthy
  • Michelle Diffenderfer, Counsel


Connect people, businesses and organizations who seek to grow in their knowledge and ability to adopt sustainability practices.

Provide information and inspiration as a sustainability leader and voice in the Northwood area.

Operate programs that act as catalysts for community building and action in the sustainability arena at the community level.