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The mission of Northwood GREENlife is to lead and inspire sustainable living practices in the Northwood area, West Palm Beach, Florida

Billy Manthy providing water for thirsty butterflies.


Northwood GREENlife recognizes the community sponsors below for their enthusiastic support for our mission and programs. Our partners are committed to our efforts in community building and proactive engagement of local residents and businesses in green initiatives that enhance the quality of life and the environment for the benefit of all in the Northwood area. Their generous involvement with the development our Village Greens Community Garden has made the garden possible. We are proud to partner with them on this important work!

Please visit our generous partners and be sure to thank them for their support of Northwood GREENlife and Village Greens Community Garden.

Quantum Foundation

Quantum Foundation awarded a grant for our Village Greens Community Garden. Their mission is to inspire and fund bold initiatives that improve the health of our communities and to inspire and fund bold initiatives that improve the health of our communities.

West Palm Beach CRA

The West Palm Beach CRA provides continuous support. They provided a substantial support by providing the solar panels which power the garden and will be funding the Village Greens Garden Mural.

Mark Plating Inc.

Mark Plating, in West Palm Beach, Florida, has provided through a cost free lease, the Village Greens Garden site. Mark Plating specializes in restoring or changing metal finishes of hardware, plumbing, and lighting fixtures in restoring tarnished metal to its original luster.

RAR Architect Inc.

RAR donated the architectural design and engineering plans for the Village Greens Garden. They specialize in Custom Residential Architecture, New Construction in Historic Design Districts, Sustainable Architecture, Adaptive Reuse Projects and Interior Architecture.

Malakor Thai Restaurant

Malakor Tai restaurant is a stalwart establishment that has help lead the Northwood Village business and community revival. Co-owners Billy Manthy and Nupy provide countless hours of volunteer time tending the garden, supply water to the garden, provide their restaurant site and at cost food for fundraising events, and Billy serves as the Village Greens garden coordinator providing our gardening leadership.

Lewis, Longman & Walker, P.A.

Lewis, Longman & Walker has been helping shape Florida's future since its inception in 1994. LLW provides solutions to the problems facing Florida's individuals, businesses and governments, especially issues associated with the myriad of current local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Broadway Re-Investment Coalition (BRIC)

The Broadway Re-Investment Coalition's (BRIC) mission is to facilitate socio-economic revitalization in low-income and blighted business/commercial districts along and around the Broadway Corridor, including the Northwood area. BRIC helped support the founding of Northwood GREENlife in 2011

Abundant Energy Inc.

Abundant Energy Inc. donated their expertise and time to install the solar energy system which powers the Village Greens Garden. It has been Florida’s leading solar energy company and installer for the last 22 years while educating our community about solar energy and its environmental and economic benefits.

Absolute Plumbing Inc.

Absolute Plumbing was established in November of 1999 by Robert Gugino just south of Northwood Village. They are a family owned and operated business and been strong supporters of the Northwood Village revival. Absolute helped develop our cistern assembly and irrigation system.

Northwood GREENlife Founders

Jeanne Stefansic
Bill Stefansic
Vicki Barit
Mary Jo Aggerstoun
Betsy Dorn
Rafael Rodriguez
Chad Gruber
Gary Barrette
Mike Tarlitz
Daryl McCann
Michelle Diffenderfer
Jill Williams
Al Vasquez

“Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.”

― Helen Keller