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The mission of Northwood GREENlife is to lead and inspire sustainable living practices in the Northwood area, West Palm Beach, Florida

The Village Greens Community Garden

Located in the heart of Historic Northwood Village at 441 25th street, The Village Greens Community Garden demonstrates sustainable living principles by featuring chemical free gardening, solar power, and water conservation practices.

The garden is a free access space welcoming everyone to participate, learn and share any knowledge about chemical free gardening with practical demonstrations. Gardening is a special human activity which promotes physical, emotional, and psychological well being, resulting in a healthier community.

Garden Gate Open Hours

Wednesday: Mornings 9 to 10:30 AM

Friday: Evenings  4 to 6 PM

Saturdays: Mornings 9 to 10:30 AM

Contact us if you would like to visit the garden at another time.



Become a gardener and experience the magic of growing feel the benefits of being outdoors in contact with nature. View our garden open hours or we can also accomodate a time of your convinience. The Village Greens Community Garden exists to help us learn, together as a community on how to garden without the use of chemicals, pesticides and to grow our own food.  


Help us grow by sharing your gardening techniques or sustainablity lifestyle tips. Host a workshop or speak to our volunteers, just a few minutes of your time. Contact us and we can coordinate a group for you. We are currently working with several groups of volunteers that come on a weekly basis.



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  • Provide an educational garden space that teaches how to grow and garden with alternative natural methods.
  • Educate on proper gardening techniques.
  • Create sustanability awareness throughout the community and for volunteer groups.


  • Reduction of use of chemical fertilzers and pesticides throughout the Northwood Areas.
  • Engaged and motiviated community group.
  • Beautification of Northwood areas.
  • Achieve a pesticide free area that help the pollinators.